Final list of papers


  • 51 submitted, 22 accepted, 3 invited


  • Mathai Joseph and R K Shyamasundar


  • R Narasimhan


  • David Gries
    The Emerging Scientific Practice of Programming, 1-18
  • Aravind K. Joshi
    Adequacy of Phrase Structure Grammars for Characterizing Structural Descriptions: Some Recent Developments, 277-282
  • P. Flajolet
    Methods in the Analysis of Algorithms, 320a

Refereed papers

  1. C.E. Veni Madhavan, S. Krishna
    Efficient Secondary Attribute Retrieval using Tree Data Structures, 19-32
  2. B.N.S. Murthy, S.N. Maheshwari
    Optimisation of a Class of Relational Expressions, 33-54
  3. Peter Dybjer
    Some Results on the Deuctive Structure of Join Dependencies, 55-81
  4. Egidio Astesiano, Elena Zucca
    Parametric Channels in CCS and their Applications, 82-95
  5. Robert S. Streett
    Global Process Logic is Undecidable, 96-105
  6. Juhani Karhum\"aki
    Marked Morphisms: A Tool for Solving Problems Concerning Morphisms over a Binary Alphabet, 106-125
  7. Matthias Jantzens and Manfred Kudlek
    Homomorphic Images of Sentential Form Languages Defined by Semi Thue Systems, 126-135
  8. Jean-Michel Autebert
    Abstract Families of Automata with Controls, 136-145
  9. K.R. Apt, A. Pnueli, J. Stavi
    Fair Termination Revisited - with Delay, 146-170
  10. S. Mahadevan and R.K. Shyamasundar
    On the Fairness of Distributed Programs, 171-191
  11. Rob Gerth, Willem P. de Roever, Marly Roncken
    A Study in Distributed Systems and Dutch Patriotism, 192-233
  12. Mathai Joseph, Abha Moitra
    Fault Tolerance in Communicating Processes, 234-255
  13. R.S. Yavatkar, A. Sudarshanam and S.L. Mehndiratta
    Sanchay: A Multi-Node File Server for a Local Area Network, 256-276
  14. Manfred Kudlek
    Indian Parallel Systems, 283-289
  15. Rani Siromoney, V. Rajkumar Dare and K.G. Subramanian
    On Inifinite Arrays obtained by Deterministic Controlled Table L-Array Systems, 290-306
  16. M. Latteux, J. Leguy
    On the Usefulness of Bifaithful Rational Cones, 306a
  17. V. Rajkumar Dare
    Metric Topology on Infinite Derivations of Algebraic Grammars, 307-320
  18. V. Pan
    Trilinear Aggregating is the Basis for the Asymptotically Fastest Known Algorithms for Matrix Multiplication, 321-337
  19. A. Bagchi and Pradip K. Srimani
    Heuristic Search in a Branch and Bound Framework, 338-362
  20. B. Ravikumar and K.B. Lakshmanan
    Coping with Known Patterns of Lies in a Search Game, 363-377
  21. Phalguni Gupta and G.P. Bhattacharjee
    Parallel Generation of Permutations with Repetitions Lexicographically, 378-399
  22. Yosada D. Murthy and G.P. Bhattacharjee and M.N. Seetaramanath
    Time- and Space-Optimal Height-Balanced 2-3 Brother-Trees, 400-421