Final list of papers


  • 60 submitted, 27 accepted, 3 invited


  • Mathai Joseph


  • R Narasimhan


  • John E. Hopcroft:
    Robotics: A New Direction in Theoretical Computer Science, 1-19
  • E.V. Krishnamurthy
    Hensel's Method in Algebraic Computing, 66-110
  • K. Mani Chandy
    Paradigms for Distributed Computing, 192-201

Refereed papers

  1. Flemming Nielson
    Towards Viewing Nondeterminism as Abstract Interpretation, 20-39
  2. R.J.R. Back, H. Mannila
    On the Suitability of Trace Semantics for Modular Proofs of Communicating Processes, 40-65
  3. Joachim von zur Gathen: Hensel and Newton Methods in Valuation Rings, 111-128
  4. R. Kannan: Polynomial-Time Algorithms for Solving Systems of Linear Equations over Polynomials and over Integers, 129-144
  5. Gift Siromoney, K.G. Subramanian and Rani Siromoney: A Map Generating System, 145-170
  6. F. Gire: Substitutions in Infinite Words and Adherences, 171-191
  7. V.R. Prasad
    Strong Synchronization of Communicating Processes, 202-224
  8. K.T. Narayana, M. Clint
    On the Completeness of a Proof System for a Synchronous Parallel Programming Language, 225-257
  9. Hanne R. Nielson
    Proof Systems for Computation Time, 258-273
  10. Colin Stirling
    A Proof Theoretic Characteruzation of Observational Equivalence, 274-289
  11. Jacek Gibert, John Shepherd
    >From Algebra to Compiler: a Combinator-based Implementation of Functional Programming, 290-314
  12. Martin C. Henson
    Extending Advice on Structuring Compilers and Proving Them Correct, 315-342
  13. J.-L. Lassez, M.J. Maher
    Optimal Fixed Points of Logic Programs, 343-362
  14. D. Kapur, P. Narendran
    The Knuth-Bendix Completion Procedure and Thue Systems, 363-385
  15. H. Viswanathan, S.L. Mehndiratta, Mukul K. Sinha and Jose Abraham
    Recovery Manager for the Multi-Node File Server `Sanchay', 386-387
  16. Alka Irani, T.M. Vijayaraman, Sandhya Desai, V. Kamala
    ARCHIE - A File Archival System, 388-389
  17. A.K. Pal and A. Bagchi
    Analysis of a Simple Insertion Algorithm for 3-Trees, 390-417
  18. Vijay K. Vaishnavi
    How to Balance a Multidimensional Search Tree, 418-437
  19. Manfred Kudlek
    Languages defined by Context-Free Normal Systems, 539-549
  20. S.N. Maheshwari, P.S. Sethi
    A Dynamic-Programming-based Polynomial-Time Algorithm for Parsing Tree Adjoining Languages, 550-574
  21. accepted for short presentation H.V. Sahasrabuddhe and T.V. Prabhakar
    B_{S}-Trees, 438-453
  22. Phalguni Gupta and G.P. Bhattacharjee
    Selection of the K-th Element in X + Y, 454-487
  23. Michael J. Quinn and Narsingh Deo
    An Upper Bound for the Speedup of Branch-and-Bound Algorithms, 488-504
  24. S.K. Ghosh
    A Linear-Time Algorithm for Decomposing a Monotone Polygon into a Star-shaped Polygon, 505-519
  25. V. Arvind and S. Biswas
    Kernel-Constructible Languages, 520-538
  26. Christiane Frougny
    Context-Free Grammars with Cancellation Properties, 575-592
  27. A. Finkel
    Control of a Petri Net by a Finite Automaton, 593-609