Local arrangements information

Arrival in Mumbai and getting to IIT Bombay

You will arrive in Mumbai mostly by air or by train.

By air

The airport in Mumbai is called Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) and is located in the heart of the city. It has two primary terminals - Terminal 1 is the domestic terminal and Terminal 2 is the international one. Each terminal is further comprised of several sub-terminals. Regardless of which terminal you arrive in, you can take a prepaid taxi or an auto-rickshaw (motorized three-wheeler vehicles) to IIT Powai (IIT Bombay is locally known as IIT Powai, and its Main Gate is shown as G1 in the map) or to your place of accommodation. Prepaid taxi counters operate 24 hours a day in the arrival areas of both terminals of the airport. For those arriving in Mumbai for the first time, the prepaid taxi service is recommended. For those familiar with the auto-rickshaw system in Mumbai, you can choose to come by the slightly cheaper auto-rickshaws.

Detailed information about Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport can be obtained from its official website

By train

Mumbai has five major railway termini, and three primary suburban railway routes. These suburban railway routes are popularly called Western Line, Central Line and Harbour Line. You can take an auto-rickshaw / taxi from any of the five railway termini directly to your place of accommodation.

Alternatively, you can opt for cheaper travel by suburban trains (also called "local" trains) and BEST buses. However, we would strongly advise newcomers to the city not to travel in suburban trains and buses during peak rush hours (8am - 11am and 5pm - 10pm). Also note that these services do not operate from 1am to 4am.

If you take a bus, you can get down directly at IIT Powai Main Gate (map) to reach the IIT Bombay campus. If you decide to travel by local trains, you need to get down at Kanjurmarg station, use the foot overbridge to come out on the western side of the station (popularly called Kanjurmarg West) and then take a bus (15 mins, Rs. 6) or an autorickshaw (~ Rs. 20) to IIT Powai Main Gate. Please follow the guidelines given below, depending on where you get down from your train. Note that suburban trains that stop at all stations are popularly called "slow" trains, while those that stop at select stations are called "fast" trains.
  1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai (CSTM): Take a Central Line "slow" suburban train going towards Thane/Kalyan/Dombivali from Platform 3/4/5 and get down at Kanjurmarg station. (45 mins, Rs. 8)
  2. Dadar Terminus: Take a Central Line "slow" suburban train going towards Thane/Kalyan/Dombivali from Platform 1/2 and get down at Kanjurmarg station. (30 mins, Rs. 7)
  3. Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Kurla (LTT): Take an auto-rickshaw or taxi to Vidyavihar. From Vidyavihar, take any Central Line "slow" suburban train going towards Thane/Kalyan/Dombivali from Platform 1. (15 mins, Rs. 4).
  4. Mumbai Central Terminus: Take any Western Line suburban train ("slow" or "fast") going towards Andheri/Borivali from Platform 1/3 and get down at Dadar (Western Line) station. Cross over to Dadar (Central Line) station using the foot overbridge (you need not leave the station premises for this) and take a Central Line "slow" suburban train going towards Thane/Kalyan/Dombivali from Platform 1/2. (50 mins, Rs. 8). You can purchase a combined ticket for both train rides from Mumbai Central Terminus.
  5. Bandra Terminus: Take a direct bus and get down at IIT Powai Main Gate bus stop. Alternatively, take a Western Line "slow" suburban train going towards Andheri/Borivali to Andheri station, come out on the eastern side of the station (popularly called Andheri East), walk over to Agarkar Chowk bus stop and take a bus to IIT Main Gate.
BEST buses from Kanjurmarg West to IIT Powai Main Gate: 396ltd, 403ltd, 425ltd, 409ltd, 398ltd, 496ltd, 346ltd, 425, 424, 422, 461ltd, 307, 459ltd, 460ltd
BEST bus from Bandra Terminus to IIT Powai Main Gate: 422
BEST buses from Andheri (Agarkar Chowk) to IIT Powai Main Gate: 496ltd, 445ltd, 392, 185, 336

We recommend you to have a look at http://www.go4mumbai.com/. This site provides a wealth of information that could be useful while traveling in Mumbai.

Inside IIT Bombay

The venue of the conference and of the satellite workshops is the lush green campus of IIT Bombay. A subset of conference delegates have been allotted accommodation in IIT Bombay Guest House (map). This Guest House is also located within the campus, on the shores of Powai Lake.

You will be required to present an identification document with your photograph (passport / identity card issued by your organization / driving license etc.) at the Main Gate, while entering the campus. If you are carrying a laptop, you need to obtain a temporary gate pass as part of IIT Bombay security regulations. Unfortunately, security regulations at IIT Bombay require every visitor to obtain such a temporary gate pass every time he/she brings a laptop into the campus. If you wish to save yourself this trouble, please email the make, model and serial number of your laptop to supratik@cse.iitb.ac.in by Dec 6, 2011, with the subject line "Laptop details for FSTTCS 2011 security clearance". We will try to obtain prior entry permits for all such laptops from our security office.

IIT Bombay provides shuttle-bus (popularly called "tum-tum") services for commuting inside the campus. You will have to take shuttle-bus number 1A, 1B, 2A, or 2B to reach the conference venue or the hostels from the Main Gate. The nearest shuttle-bus stop from the conference venue is Gulmohur Building / KReSIT Building (map). Pre-paid tumtum coupons / tickets can be purchased from the security table at the Main Gate. Tum-tum coupons / tickets will also be available at the conference registration desk.

Accommodation & Transportation to/from Conference

Conference-provided accommodation for delegates has been booked at the following places.
  1. Rodas Hotel (map): The conference has arranged for accommodation of invited speakers of the conference in Hotel Rodas, Hiranandani, Powai. The hotel will arrange for airport pickup / dropoff of all its guests. The conference will arrange for transportation of invited speakers from the hotel to the conference venue, and back.
  2. MTNL guest house (map): MTNL guest house has shared (twin-sharing) A/C and non-A/C rooms. The conference will provide shared shuttle transportation from this guest house to the conference venue, and back. The timings of shuttles will be available with the guest house administration.
  3. IIT Bombay guest house (map): IIT Bombay guest house is located within the IIT Bombay campus. The conference has arranged for accommodation of invited speakers of workshops in this guest house. The conference will arrange for airport pickup / dropoff of invited speakers of workshops. The conference venue is reachable by a 5-minute walk from the guest house.
  4. IIT Bombay students' hostels (map): The conference has arranged for free accommodation of student delegates in IIT Bombay students' hostels. Men students will be accommodated in shared rooms (twin-sharing) in Hostels 1 and 13 (men's hostels). Women students will be accommodated in shared rooms (twin-sharing) in Hostels 10 and 11 (women's hostels). Mattresses, blankets and buckets will be provided in the hostel rooms. The conference venue is at a walkable distance from all the above hostels. Alternatively, one can use the services of the campus shuttle bus (tum-tum).
All delegates staying in conference-provided accommodation are requested to abide by the rules and regulations of the respective facilities. Information regarding such rules and regulations will be provided by the respective facility managements at the time of occupying rooms.

For the benefit of delegates who have opted to arrange accommodation on their own, the following is a partial list of some facilities close to IIT Bombay. Those facilities within a distance of 2 km from IIT Bombay are indicated on the map with corresponding labels. Please note that transportation between IIT and locations except those mentioned above, will not be provided, and delegates staying at these facilities would need to commute to and from the conference venue on their own.
  1. Hotel Rodas (map)
    Address: Central Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai - 400076.
    Phone number: (022) 6693 6969
  2. Hotel Meluha The Fern (map)
    Address: Central Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai - 400076.
    Phone number: (022) 2575 5555
  3. Hotel The Beatle (map)
    Address: Orchard Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai - 400076.
    Phone numbers: (022) 4089 5000 , (022) 6115 1000
  4. CHS guest house
    Address: Near Cafe Coffee Day, Powai, Mumbai 400076.
    Phone number: 9869443365
  5. Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel
    Address: #2 & 3B, Near Chinmayanand Ashram, Powai, Mumbai - 400087
    Phone number: (022) 6692 7777
  6. The Residence Hotel
    Address: Before Vihar Lake, Powai, Mumbai - 400087
    Phone number: (022) 2858 5100, (022) 2857 500



Student delegates accommodated in IIT Bombay hostels will be provided free breakfast coupons for use in hostel dining halls. Hotel Rodas will provide complimentary breakfast to all invited speakers of the conference staying at Rodas. Complimentary breakfast will be provided at IIT Bombay Guest House to all guests staying at IIT Bombay Guest House. For those accommodated at MTNL Guest House, the Guest House will provide breakfast on payment if you inform them the night before. Gulmohar cafeteria (map) is also a good place for breakfast. It starts operating from 7.30am, and is at a walkable distance from the conference venue. Delegates staying at MTNL Guest House will be provided breakfast coupons that can be redeemed at Gulmohur cafeteria

Lunch, Snacks, Tea / Coffee

Lunch, snacks, tea / coffee will be provided at the conference site on all the conference / workshop days.


Participants other than student delegates accommodated in IIT Bombay hostels are expected to make arrangements for dinner on their own on all days except the day of banquet (Dec 13). There are plenty of good restaurants around IIT Bombay. A list of some good restaurants is provided in the section on miscellaneous facilities. Student delegates staying in hostels will be given free dinner coupons, for use at the hostel dining halls. They may also take paid items from the hostel canteens. The guest houses will provide paid dinner.

Internet Connectivity

WiFi Internet facility will be available at the conference venue - Lecture Hall Complex (map). In addition, some computers will be set up for accessing internet in the Kanwal Rekhi Building (KReSIT), which is next to the conference venue.

Students staying in hostels will be able to use the wired network provided in the hostels. The network settings will be provided at the time of registration.

Delegates staying in the guest houses or at Rodas are requested to contact the respective reception desks to enquire about the Internet facility.


The FSTTCS conference will be held from Dec 12 to Dec 14. There will be two co-located workshops: a pre-conference workshop (Dec 10-11, 2011) on Finite and Algorithmic Model Theory (FAMT) and a post-conference workshop (Dec 15-16, 2011) on Breakthroughs in Theoretical Computer Science (BTCS).


A registration / help desk will be set up at the Lecture Hall Complex (LHC) (map). The venue for the conference is Lecture Hall Complex auditoria 31 and 32. The venue for the pre-conference and post-conference workshops is Lecture Hall Complex auditorium 11.

Cultural event

A Hindustani Classical music concert by Pandita Shubhada Paradkar will be held on Dec 12 between 7 pm and 9 pm at the Victor Menezes Convention Center (map) in IIT.


We will have a banquet dinner on Dec 13, 7pm onwards, at Hotel Meluha The Fern, Central Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai (map). Transportation will be arranged for all delegates, from conference venue to the banquet and back to either IITB or MTNL guest house.

Miscellaneous facilities

Banks / ATMs

Canara Bank has a branch in the Gulmohar building and State Bank of India has a branch at the Main Gate (map). Both of these branches provide an ATM facility. ICICI Bank has an ATM across the road outside Main Gate of IIT Bombay. In the Hiranandani area, several banks have ATMs -- these include those of Citibank and ICICI Bank in the Galleria area, and those of State Bank of India and HDFC Bank near D'Mart (map).

Currency exchange

Currency exchange counters are located in the arrival areas of both domestic and international terminals of Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. It is advisable to obtain Indian Rupees from one of these counters before stepping out of the airport. You can see the current exchange rate here. Closer to the conference venue, the Hiranandani area has a few currency exchange facilities. These include ICICI Bank located at Galleria, Thomas Cook in Orchard Avenue, and HDFC Bank in Central Avenue (map).


There are a plenty of restaurants around IIT. Some of the popular ones among them are the following.
  1. Gulmohar restaurant and cafeteria (map): This is located in the IIT campus itself. It is among the less costly restaurants. The cafeteria located on the ground floor operates only during daytime.
  2. Laxmi restaurant and bar (map): This is a pure veg and less costly restaurant located on the way from IIT to Hiranandani Estate. The bar is located just above the restaurant.
  3. Mantra's, Saffron Spice, Kinnkon Roccs (map): These are among the more costly veg / non-veg restaurants and they provide mainly Punjabi, Chinese and Continental dishes, with an excellent service.
  4. Pizza Hut (map): As the name suggests, this is a restaurant specially serving a variety of pizzas and Italian items.
  5. China Town: This restaurant, located in the Galleria (map), specializes in Chinese items.
  6. Yoko's Sizzlers: This is another restaurant located in the Galleria (map) and serves an excellent variety of veg and non-veg sizzlers.
  7. Area adjoining D'Mart (map): Aroma's, Papa John's Pizza, Mainland China, Yellow Chilli, Chili's, Kebab Factory, etc.
A comprehensive list of restaurants in and around Powai, and their contact details can be obtained at here.


Hiranandani estate is the main marketing area near IIT. Galleria (map) is a good spot for shopping clothing and also has a lot of restaurants and fast-food eateries. D-Mart and Haiko (map) are two malls in the Hiranandani area. Besides these, IIT has a marketplace near the Y-point gate (map). This is small market and where one can purchase eatables and grocery.


Hiranandani hospital (map) is a well equipped hospital near IIT. Their contact number is (022) 25763300 - 33. Medical facilities can also be availed at the IIT hospital (map) (Contact numbers: Office - (022) 25767051 Ambulance: (022) 25761101) which is inside the IIT campus and Powai hospital (map) (Contact number: (022) 25780707) which is just outside the IIT Main Gate.

Getting around Mumbai

BEST buses and local trains are the cheapest means of traveling in Mumbai. We recommend you to consult the Mumbai navigator to plan your bus / train travel. You are advised not to travel in local trains, in the up direction (from Powai / Kanjurmarg towards South Mumbai) during the morning peak rush hours (8:00am to 11:00am) and in the down direction (from South Mumbai towards Powai / Kanjurmarg) during the evening peak rush hours (7:00pm to 10:00pm). The bus and local train services are not available from 1:00am to 4:00am.

If you prefer to travel by auto-rickshaws or taxis, please request the driver to show the tariff card. Auto-rickshaw and taxi drivers are obliged to produce the tariff card, if requested by the traveller.

In case you want to book a cab for your journey, apart from boarding one the way, the following can be booked online or on phone.
  1. Meru Cabs - Phone: (022) 4422 4422
  2. Easy Cabs - Phone: (022) 4343 4343
  3. Mega Cabs - Phone: (022) 4242 4242
  4. Priyadarshini Cabs (especially for single women; a service managed by women) Phone: (91) 98202 21107
We recommend you to have a look at http://www.go4mumbai.com/. This site provides a wealth of information that could be useful while traveling in Mumbai.

Emergency contact numbers

Contact person Mobile number
Supratik Chakraborty 91-9820103723
Krishna S. 91-9969419762
Bharat Adsul 91-9833412091
Nutan Limaye 91-9920546047
Chandrakant Talekar 91-9969542582
Hrishikesh Karmarkar 91-9323625703
Abhisekh Sankaran 91-9820174623
Jinesh Machchhar 91-9930413532
Soumitra Pal 91-9869773453
Ashish Chiplunkar 91-9975587477


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