Workshop on Finite and Algorithmic Model Theory (FAMT)

Dec 10-11, 2011

Venue: LCH 11 Auditorium, Lecture Hall Complex (opposite KReSIT) (map)

Registration for FAMT workshop is now closed.

This workshop, co-located with FSTTCS 2011, is intended to introduce the audience to important tools, techniques and results in finite model theory and algorithmic model theory, and elucidate some of their connections to other areas of computer science. The target audience is students and researchers interested in logic, finite model theory, algorithmic model theory and their applications to various areas of computer science.

The workshop will consist of half a day of introductory lectures covering basic concepts in logic and model theory. This will be followed by one and a half days of talks by invited experts who will cover more advanced topics.

Invited speakers at the workshop include

  • Phokion G. Kolaitis
  • Anuj Dawar
  • Emanuel Kieroński
  • Dietmar Berwanger
  • R. Ramanujam
Additional information about the technical program of the workshop can be found here.